What does Debt Lifeline do?

Helping you get out of debt!

Debt Lifeline is a trading name of Piggy Finance LTD, an FCA licensed credit broker. Piggy Finance has been operating in the finance market since 2007. As we saw more and more people defaulting on loans, especially since covid, we wanted to offer a solution to consumers to get out of debt. Whether that be through an IVA, debt management, Debt relief orders or bankruptcy, we have most bases covered.

The problem with IVA’s are a fair few companies are unscrupulous, a few have recently been shut down for mismanaging clients funds. The FCA has also recently stepped in and tried to put a stop to IVA packagers, these are companies that don’t offer full advice on all the debt solutions and concentrate on IVA’s. This is leading to customers being pushed onto IVA’s when another solution would have been more suitable. We wanted a trusted solution, so all our customers know that when they make an application through us they are going to get the best advice and not be sold a product they dont really need.

We only work with fully licensed advisors that are regulated to provide full debt advice on all the debt solutions to make sure the customer is getting the best debt advice and being placed on the correct plan for their current circumstances. We personally vett every company we use and have a 2 strike complaints process. If we recieve 2 justified complaints about one of our panel, they are removed from our system instanlty and we will never work with them again. You’ll be happy to know we have never recieved even 1 complaint about any of the panel we use!!!

When you make an application with us, we place your case with an advisor that we know works well with your specific circumstances, based on your debt level, employment status and amount of creditors. This ensures you get the best service, aren’t being passed from pillar to post and give you the best chance of success.

Being in Debt is horrible, the constant phone calls, threatening letters, possible bailiff action. The stress of it all is constant. The loss of sleep, tight chest, finances constantly on your mind is not good for your mental health. If we can stop all of the above then that makes us genuinely happy.

Yes we get a small commission for every successful case, but that means we have to be good at what we do and put your case in front of the right advisory service. You will never pay more for an IVA by going through us, it is exactly the same price as going direct!

insolvency practitioner

The hardest part of dealing with debt is often recognising there is a problem and asking for help, once you’ve spoken to an advisor, your mind will put at rest and the stress of dealing with your debt will be gone for good”